Anal Bleaching

More and more people are interested in anal bleaching.  Today it is not just for adult entertainers, many men and women are aware of the look of their entire body.  Personally, I have been embarrassed by the look of my anus for a long time now but have been too ashamed to ask my doctor about it.

So I started searching the internet to see if there were ways I could lighten the skin in my bum without having to talk to anyone about it.  I read hundreds of articles and tried dozens of home remedies.

NONE of them worked to bleach my anus.

You will read about lemon or potato or all kinds of other things you might find in your house already helping to bleach your anus.  Blah.  It didn’t cost me very much money but it was a waste of time.  So I guess it did cost me in the end.  It cost me time and it frustrated me.

So I broke down and went to see my doctor.  Yes, it was embarrassing and he didn’t want to help me very much.  He thought it was silly that I was concerned about the look of my anus.  But I am so that is my choice.  Finally, reluctantly, he referred me to a plastic surgeon that he said could perform a procedure on my bum to lighten it.  I was both happy and scared at the same time.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted surgery just to lighten the skin on my anus.

I went to my appointment anyhow and this doctor was much more helpful than my family doctor.  He understood my desire to bleach my anus and knew it was important to me.  It was great.  Until we started talking about price.  The procedure was not covered by my medical insurance since it was cosmetic.  And he wanted almost $4000 to bleach my anus!  I was devastated.  There was no way I could afford to spend that kind of money.

So I left the doctor’s office and went home very depressed.  I resigned myself to the fact that bleaching my anus was never going to happen and that I had to live with it.  It may seem silly to you but for weeks I was in a depression.  If you’ve wanted something badly and knew you would never have it, maybe you can understand.

About a month later my best friend in the world came for a visit.  We had grown up together but had moved across the country for work a number of years ago.  We talked on the phone a lot but I only got to see her once or twice a year and it was so exciting that I completely came out of my depression.  So the day arrived and my friend was at my door.  It was like we were in college again.  We stayed up late and had some wine and talked about everything.

I don’t know if it was the wine or just how comfortable I was with my friend, but I finally told her about my little secret.  I came clean about how I felt about my anus and how it made me depressed that there was nothing I could do to change it.  When I finished my story she started laughing.  I felt like crying.

What I didn’t know at that moment was that she was laughing because she had gone through the exact same thing she soon told me.  She had tried the supposed home remedies and also visited a doctor.  She said that while she could afford the surgery to brighten her anus she was scared to take such a drastic step for a cosmetic procedure.

Then she told me how she started researching different skin lightening creams on the market.  She told me about the dangers of some of these creams that had hydroquinone or mercury in them.  She explained how she found that many of these creams were a scam and no better than rubbing a piece of potato on your bum.  Even with all of her research, she said she tried four different creams and spent almost a year using these creams before she found one that really worked.

So that is where I come to the title of my article – Anal Bleaching. My friend not only pointed me to a website that had good reviews on products but also told me which product to buy.  Hint: it is the #1 reviewed skin lightening cream on this website.

Sadly, my friend had to fly back home.  I missed her terribly but was at the same time excited about what she had told me.  The moment I had time, I started reading all about this skin lightening cream and ended up purchasing a 3 month supply like they suggested.  While it wasn’t cheap, it was a bargain if it worked.  Plus there was a 90 day guarantee so I thought to myself that there wasn’t much to lose.

After ordering the skin bleaching cream I waited just a few days and it arrived.  I had already read everything about it so knew when to apply it and for how long and all the other things.  So that night I started my anal bleaching program.  In about 3 weeks I started to see a pretty noticeable lightening of my skin.  I was so happy!!!  I phoned my friend and told her about how well things were working.  I almost started crying I was so excited.

We laughed and laughed and had a great chat.  My best friend in the world had helped me again.  I just wanted to share my experience with you.  For those of you in the same boat I was, you can’t go wrong listening to your best friend.  Hopefully my story helps you like it did me.  Peace and love.